The Baseball Song

from by James Mahoney

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Cleveland had a three-run lead,
But Major League pitching tends to bleed
After the sixth inning.
And you thought you were winning.
Well, now the lead’s gone.

Oh, the Texas batting coach is at home,
And Cleveland doesn’t play in a dome.
But I’m sure that he’s grinning,
Because his team is winning.
And the Cleveland bullpen wants to go home.

You may say baseball is slow,
But the grass needs time to grow.
Made me want to write this song.

Well, Harry and Steve were the best
Announcers over all the rest.
Joe Morgan and this loser,
Who sounds like a good schmoozer,
Well, they made me want to write this song.

When I sing sometimes I close my eyes
And build a wall so I can hide
All that I think is frail,
Or maybe too good, inside.
And this guitar has a bridge.
It’s built so we can ford
The river whose ferry fares
We pretend we can’t afford.
What gave these thoughts their start
Was when I opened my eyes
And found out what was over the wall:
Communion of eyes and heart.

Gary Matthews just hit a home run.
Oh, leaving the Cubs is fun.
It unleashes all your talent.
It makes you strong and gallant,
So you can be a Major League star.

Alfonseca got out of the jam.
As a Cub he’d just give up the grand slam.
But now he’s a good pitcher,
And he’s growing richer
On the Texas bullpen bench.

You may say baseball is slow,
But the grass needs time to grow.
Made me want to write this song.

What I would like for you to say
Is, “You played well, and it’s OK
To smile and laugh with my eyes.
And it’s OK if you capsize
For opening your sails too wide
To go where the Wind will blow,
For maybe He wanted you to stay
Somewhere new for awhile,
So there’d be no need to hide
Your friendship from my eyes.”


from It Had To Be Said EP, released April 22, 2014



all rights reserved


James Mahoney Missouri

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